no way to choose printer or access printer menu?

When printing, I see two options: page set-up, which lets you set margins and some other minor things, and print current document, which just sends the document straight to the printer. Is there no way to access the usual printer menu, where you can decide which printer to use, set number of pages to print, choose double-siding options (if your printer has those), etc.?

This is a bug and will be fixed for the 1.0 release. Number of pages to print doesn’t really matter in this case, since unlike in Word or other standard word processors you don’t have page numbers in the editor that will correspond to what you print, so choosing to print pages 3-7 doesn’t mean anything in this context. Duplex printing and so forth of course should be available as per your printer.

You do get the standard print dialogue if you choose to print from Compile, rather than just selecting Print Current Document, and it sounds like this is probably more what you want anyway. From the compile menu you can select which documents you want to include (essentially what you would do with choosing your page range) and when you choose to compile to print, you’ll get to select your printer and set its options there.