No way to just add a new note?

Hi there.

Is there no way in Scrivener 3 to just “add a new note?” Used to be, if I was, say, in Composition Mode, and i wanted to add a new Project Note, I would just call up the Inspector, go to Project Notes, click on New Note, and type away. Now with Project Bookmarks, there seems to be no way to do this. Is there in fact a way and I’m just missing it? Specifically, a way to do this while in Composition mode?

—Andy H.

EDIT: Never mind. I figured out how to do it. You navigate to the Project Notes folder under the “Go To” button in Composition Mode, then you click on an existing Project Note document, then just push Command-N for a New Document!


There are a couple of slightly shorter, easier ways as well.

Firstly, make sure you’ve set your Project Notes folder to be the default location for Project Bookmarks (in Project > Project Settings > Special Folders).

Then either:

  1. press cmd-shift-b twice: you’ll get the project bookmarks sidebar and window. Click the plus sign at the bottom left to create a new bookmark in the default folder, then enter the title of the new bookmark, press tab and start entering the text of the bookmark. Cmd-w to exit the window. This works anywhere in a project, including Composition mode:

  1. Just use the standard shortcut for the Bookmarks Inspector (cmd-opt-ctl-n) which in composition mode will bring up a HUD with the Inspector bookmarks window. You’ll have to click on the dropdown box at the top to change it to Project Bookmarks, but then you can use the gear icon to add a new Project Bookmark anywhere in the Binder and you can enter the text below. This method doesn’t let you use the default folder, mind - you have to explicitly choose a location.

Neither of these require you to leave Composition mode or navigate away from the original document.

Hope this helps.

There’s an open/hide Inspector button at the bottom of the Compose-mode screen that becomes visible when you mouse-down. All my old project notes appeared there (along with everything else you’d expect to see in the inspector–synopsis, document notes, etc), and are always a click away.

Thanks guys! That helped immensely! That’s a huge timesaver. Thanks ever so much for the help.