No way to set different backup locations for different projects.

I’m currently working on two book projects. Each project is saved to its own folder. The Book 1 folder gets the Scrivener Book 1 file, and a subfolder,“Backups,” gets the file’s backups.

However, for Book 2, where I have the Book 2 file saved, Book 2 backups still go to the subfolder in the Book 1 folder.

It seems the location setting in preferences is a global one, spanning all current projects. Or am I missing something?

If I got this right, I suggest that allowing a different backup location per project is something the Scrivener software team should consider.

Best … John

In Scrivener Version 3, you can set a custom back up folder for each project. The setting you want is Project Settings > Backup > Use custom backup folder for this project and then set the custom backup folder.

TBH, I’m not sure of the value of having the backups in a subfolder of the project though as this means you’re missing the opportunity to get cloud backup for ‘free’ (as well as any Time Machine backups you make).

If you set the common project backup folder to a folder within your iCloud folder (making sure all backups are zipped of course), then they’ll be automatically backed up offsite and is an extra layer of security. There’s nothing to stop you having separate folders for backups for the different projects in iCloud, if you find that useful.

Your choice of course.


Thanks, BR, that solved my problem.

I back up my work each day to two thumbdrives, iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive. Each week, I burn it all to DVD, and also upload it to an FTP site I rent from Dreamhost, which hosts my webpage:

So I’m covered.

I’m old school. I like keeping backups on my computer, as well, where there are no issues with uploads and downloads, and I get check a previous version quickly.

Best … John