No word count history?

I’ve been trying to figure out how many words I wrote yesterday, because I forgot to record it.

Various sites tell me there’s something called a Project History, but they’re all about the Mac version. I have no Project History, I have no Revision Mode. Are these deprecated, or not in the Windows version?

Is there any way in the current version I can see a record of how many words per day? I honestly got Scrivener in part because I’d heard it could track metrics like that, but in the Windows version I don’t see how.

Yeah that’s a new feature in Scrivener 3 - currently only released for Mac but there is the Windows version you can try which is still in Beta. If you’ve bought Scrivener for Windows you’ll be getting a free upgrade to version 3 when it’s released.


If you bought it long enough ago, you will not get a free upgrade to version 3, but you will be eligible for the discounted upgrade price that L&L usually has between major versions.

Um, no need to shout at me, but yes, that. The OP does sound like a recent purchaser so I didn’t think it needed mentioning. But in case it does, you do need to have bought Scrivener 1.x since 20th November 2017.

I wasn’t shouting at you so much as I was making sure the caveat got read.

For every one person we directly respond to here, count on there being a dozen or more (depending on the topic) with the same question, also reading the answer…