Non-breaking hyphen? - resolved

Hello all,

I’m in DESPERATE need of a non-breaking hyphen (everywhere, including index card summaries, keywords, outline view), or at least a way to tell Scrivener that “x-x” is a whole word and not to break. I see that there’s an option for a non-breaking space, but I can’t find anything on hyphens.

Anyone know any secret magic trick that I just haven’t stumbled upon yet??



Haven’t got my Mac with me to test this, but doesn’t option hyphen give a non-breaking hyphen?

Nope, it gives an en-dash, and shift-option-hyphen gives an em-dash.

Thanks for trying, though. :slight_smile:



CMD hyphen ???

Or set up an autocorrect via sys prefs to replace a set keystroke with a non-breaking hyphen.

Still haven’t got a Mac with me to test this. :confused:

Alt-Space inserts a non-breaking space
Alt-Hyphen inserts an N-dash (which is non-breaking, but is still an N-dash not a hyphen)
Alt-Shift-Hyphen inserts an M-dash
Cmd-Hyphen reduces the size of the typeface by one point
Cmd-Shift-Hyphen does… nothing (as far as I can tell)
No built-in way to type a non-breaking hyphen, but if an N-dash works for you then you’re done (see above)! If not, read on…

The good new is that non-breaking hyphen does exist on the Mac and can be selected from the character viewer with the mouse. While you could manually do this every time (open Character Viewer, find, select, and then insert the hyphen), this becomes tiresome.

SO… what you could do is set up a keyboard shortcut in system preferences to insert a non-breaking hyphen. You do this by creating an auto-correct text replacement (e.g. “++” converts to a non-breaking hyphen). I believe that if you use this method you have to type a space for it to be triggered. While that entails deleting the space once auto-correct does its thing, it’s still better than mousing around the Character Viewer.

Good luck!

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Thank you, all, for your input! Yes, creating a shortcut for the Mac character viewer worked beautifully (I didn’t know there was a NBH in there, so now I have all the knowledge). :slight_smile: