Non-breaking space...?

Hi all,

I’ve been using Scrivener for a while, however I have found exporting to be relatively inconvenient because I have to go back and add non-breaking spaces before all question, exclamation & quotation marks to the exported document before printing/sharing. (I write in French, and in French these spaces are required. If I put a normal space, sometimes the ponctuation ends up at the beginning of the next line, which isn’t desirable.)

I was wondering if there was an option to use non-breakable spaces directly in Scrivener? I have looked around but haven’t found anything, either on these forums or on the greater Web, but maybe it’s because it’s so obvious nobody has bothered to write about it and I’m being blind… :open_mouth:

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!

The searchable manual is available via Help > Scrivener Manual and at

See Appendix A.2 Edit Menu > Insert > Non-Breaking Space at top of page 244.

“Non-Breaking Space (Ctrl-G, Ctrl-W) Inserts an space character which will prohibit word-wrap from dividing two or more words from each other. For the purposes of word-wrap, it will consider a sequence of words separated with non-breaking spaces as a single word.”

Hope that helps.

Wow, I really was blind – I’d totally forgotten about that manual. Thanks a lot!

@ SpringfieldMH

Thank you for your help. Greatly appreciated and useful.

Thank you to Scrivener Project Team for this wonderful tool.