non consecutive document selection

I can’t select non consecutive documents in the binder to combine with edit scrivenings. I’ve tried using the shift and other keys, but what happens is that every document between the first and the non consecutive one get selected. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

I’ve never had any problems with this … it’s the Cmd key you need to hold down, and it’s system-wide as far as I know … certainly works in the Finder and other locations.
Just checked it out, and it’s still working … I’ve just upgraded to the 1.04beta.

Mark has the missing key. Cmd and Shift also combine to select ranges in addition to single selected elements. Note, however, that once you create an Edit Scrivenings session out of your selection, it will always be in Binder order, no matter what order you selected them in. A good preview of their arrangement is the temporary Corkboard that Scrivener builds as you select documents.