non-consecutive documents in outliner view

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I was wondering if you had any thoughts about making non-consecutive documents viewable in Outliner Mode, rather than just Corkboard Mode?

Still loving the program…




The main reasons that this feature doesn’t exist are:

  1. Technical - it is actually more difficult to do from a technical standpoint than with the corkboard.

  2. Philosophical - which actually links to the technical reason, too. The problem is that you could select a parent document and one of its children in the binder. But then what should happen? Well, in theory you should show both - the parent and the child and nothing else. But this is an outline view, so there will be a disclosure triangle next to the parent. Click on it, and its children will be displayed. But one of its children is already being shown - meaning it now appears twice (and Scrivener doesn’t like that from a technical point of view anyway). The other solution would be to have no disclosure triangle, but then it is no longer an outline view at all, and just a straight list view - in which case the point of having an outline view shown in this situation is kind of lost anyway. Not to mention the fact that if the outliner is shown with arbitrary items, it would not just be drag and drop that would have to be disabled (as it is with an arbitrary corkboard), but all other outlining features - move left, move right etc.

Hope that explains why I decided against this. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that makes sense.

Thanks for the reply.