Non-continuous Footnote Numbering. Footnotes in Compile.

Would someone kindly point me to the information that I need to know how to compile my 4 chapters, Introduction, and Bibliography and restart all footnotes at “1” in every chapter? I am unable to locate the directions and searching in the forum is not turning up what I need.

Grateful for any help.

I don’t know how to do it off-hand, but the first place I would look is in the List of Placeholders under the Help menu. You can control lots of numbering and resetting with Placeholder text, maybe footnote resetting is there too.

But the answer may also depend on what your target format to compile to is. If it is Word, then Scriv is not compiling any explicit footnote numbers at all. Or it might be doable for one output format and not for some others - they all have different capabilities. So, what format are you compiling to, anyway?