Non-Debuntu Distros

If anyone runs into dependency issues that prevent the linux beta from loading I have a solution. I had been using the beta in Ubuntu 10.04 but now I’m using Arch 64-bit, and did the following to get Scrivener to stop complaining. It’s not elegant but this should be distro- and architecture-neutral for anyone using Bash. If you don’t know what Bash is, you’re probably using it.

Perform at your own risk. You could get electrocuted or spill coffee all over your hard drive.

Here’s the steps to solve the problem.

  1. Download and extract the tarball to a directory, preferably somewhere kosher, like ~.
  2. You’ll need to copy or move the files from each directory in LiteratureAndLatte/plugins/ into LiteratureAndLatte/lib/. Open a terminal window.

Alternatively, just drag and drop the contents of each ./plugins directory into the ./lib directory from your file browser.

  1. Now we have all the dependencies Scrivener is looking for corralled. So we need to point Scrivener to them. Use a script.

If vi scares you, use gedit, nano, kwrite, geany, or whatever your favorite text editor is instead. Paste the following into the script:

  1. Now make the script executable.
  1. To run Scrivener, type “/home/bast/LiteratureAndLatte/bin/” from anywhere. If you want to feel fancy, do an $ echo $PATH and move into one of those directories and “” will work from anywhere. You can also add the script to a menu.

Nothing here should affect anything outside the Scrivener directory. It’s really Windows-style to do this but it keeps the rogue dependencies with the offending program for easy removal.

Two questions:

  1. Are you able to insert any type of image into your project? Does the built-in web-browser works?

  2. Are you suffering from this bug?