Non-disappearing pull-down menu ("View" - "Outliner options"

I love the outliner to plot my manuscript! But one thing bugs me. Because “Word count” and “Overall word count” (and some other things) are not set by default, I have to set them using the pull-down menu. When I select an option I want to add by clicking, the pull-down menu closes, and I have to go through all of this (opening, selecting) several times in order to set up outliner for my purposes. I would be the happiest person on earth if the menu could just stay stable, allowing me to select all my options, and then close by (perhaps?) just clicking outside the menu? I hope I explained this somewhat well… Big Christmas wish though :slight_smile:

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Settings like this can be saved as part of a screen layout if you create one and check the two boxes on the right.
Set up the outliner view as you want it, make it a layout, and you’re done once and for all.


My column menu sticks by the way. I don’t know why yours doesn’t. I can make multiple selections.
[Edit] I just figured it out. There is the same menu in the shape of the arrow (>) at the far right of the outliner’s header. Just above the scrollbar. This one sticks.


Some do, others don’t. For instance, I have three Outliner Views. Two that use multiple lines per Binder item (for things like lists of characters) switch fine between one another When I use the third, which by its requirement only can show one line per Binder item “remembers” the multiline spread, leaving unrequired gaps between items. I need to use Alt+[ and Alt+] to get control of what I’m looking at.
Also, it tends to remember what was bold and what was not in the prior Outliner View Layout.
So, Layouts are not that all-encompassing.

Thank you very much for your ideas! I have tried the layout option, but it is also not quite working (but then perhaps I haven’t quite figured it out yet). But thanks even more for figuring out the "sticky"menu in outliner! This solves all my issues! And now I’ve got another free Chrismas wish :slight_smile:

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