Non-fiction or Fiction with Parts template HELP

I have a non-fiction book with parts that is half finished. Should I use the non-fiction template and add parts or use the Fiction with Parts template? I’m just starting to use Scrivener and don’t know enough to make this early decision.

The quick answer is that it doesn’t really matter. :slight_smile: You can read more in-depth material on how templates work if you wish, in §7.10, Templates, pg. 61 of the user manual PDF—but in brief they are merely starting points that altogether represent a specific collection of pre-built binder structure and settings. Any template can “become” another one, every single setting that they come packaged with is something you can change, import into another or even create from scratch yourself. So if you want parts in your non-fiction book you could go with the general non-fiction template and then swap out the compile settings to use the “Standard Manuscript Format (with Parts)” format preset and go from there—or even just take a look at how it works (most of what you’ll be working with when it comes to applying a hierarchical style to your book will be done in the Formatting compile option pane) and set things up yourself.

That may all be something you aren’t sure of how to do quite yet, that’s fine, as I say the short answer is: don’t worry about it too much right now, it doesn’t matter until you need to start setting up the output options for the project. When you start heading down that path, I’d recommend going through our interactive tutorial on compiling, or if you prefer, one of the video tutorials on compiling.

Thanks Amberv
That posting so long ago was right up my street as of today more than a year later. I wrote an historical novel a couple of years ago on a Mac using Novel with parts. I have just purchased the Windows version of Scrivener and was pondering how to cope with a Non Fiction template but need to have 3 Parts to my book. Your explanation fits me perfectly thank you for the advice.

As you say, it’s all in the Compilation. I can now happily ignore my concerns and get on with it! :smiley:

You’re quite welcome! Glad to have saved you some stress. :slight_smile: