Non-Fiction Templates/Exports (Current/Beta/Future?)

I’ve found Scrivener to be really helpful in writing my papers. However, it would be really useful if I could write up a paper and compile it into whatever format the instructor requires. Currently, I’ve defined a couple, but I always have to go back in and tease them into shape. It would be nice if, say, Chicago and MLA were defined with the margins, fonts and such. I am not expecting citation conversion or anything, just the basics.

Given the move towards MMD etc in the beta, it seems we are moving to a intent focus which would seem to lend itself to this sort of thing.

You can create your own project templates. The process is explained in detail in Section 6.6.2 of the manual.

Or, if you only want to use the specified formatting for a compiled document, you can use the Compile pane to change the document format as needed, then save those presets for use with future documents. Compile presets are discussed in more detail in Chapter 19 of the manual. While some tweaking might be needed at first, once you get the presets set up correctly you can use them over and over again.


The issue with standard compile templates - and the reason why L&L encourage you to invest the time to set up your own - is that they are highly dependent upon how you have chosen to set up your files in the the binder.

For example, I have a “PrintBook” compile template, which basically turns my Scriv project into a pdf or doc file that looks as much as possible like a printed book. It looks great, does a lot of hard work for me (pulling titles from one bit, text from others, synopsis from yet others), and produces something that needs no tweaking in other software with a single button press. But if someone else was to use it on a different binder structure, it would produce something very erratic indeed!

So to have these kind of export templates set up for for sharing they would either need to be very basic templates (even something as simple as the standard novel submission setting struggles a bit) or you’d need to impose a certain way of working in the binder… and that last one is really contrary to the L&L vision.