Non-Fiction Templates

I am having trouble using Scrivener ‘s General Non-Fiction and General Non-Fiction (with Sub Headings) templates. I am interested in using Scrivener to create technical eBooks and Createspace paperbacks as well as 8.5x11 PDF files for review.

I have several template problems when dealing with non-eBook formats:
• The paragraph formats have indents, and no extra space before each paragraph. The paragraphs are styled for novels not non-fiction. I have even seen some places where both styles were used at the same time — a real no-no.
• Due to the level of nesting in the supplied, I have to change the font, indent, line spacing, in 12 or more places. YUK! Is there an easier way?
• I have yet to figure out where I change the font, size, bold/italic for the drop-down that contains Title, Heading, Sub-heading, Body, etc. I hope that this is in a single place not 12.

Are there any more polished technical templates available from L&L or elsewhere in the web?

/Dave Snow :frowning:

Change the template that is closest to what you want, then save the result as a new template. (File -> Save As Template).

Without looking over your shoulder, I’m not sure what dropdown you’re referring to. The Formatting Presets? You can redefine them to match selected text by using the Format -> Formatting -> Redefine Preset from Selection menu.

The Project -> Text Preferences command lets you redefine the default formatting for new documents. Once you change that, you can create new “starter” documents in the Binder as needed.

Formatting is discussed in more detail in Section 15.4 of the Scrivener manual; templates are in section 6.10.