Non-Structure-Based LaTeX Chapters Export Empty

Hi there,

I forced a few items to be chapters in a LaTeX project, which were previously structure-based. Once I switched them from structure-based to “Chapter” directly, they stopped exporting correctly. Upon export, the chapter tag exports with the chapter title, but any content in the chapter’s item itself does not export - the chapter item itself exports empty. If I insert a subitem with a section type of “N/A” that includes the content, it exports correctly. This is in Beta (833014) 64-bit on Windows 10 - I am updating to Beta 39 now, but didn’t see anything in the release note. Am I potentially doing something wrong somewhere, or is this a bug (which it seems like)?

If you want Chapters with text, verify that the Text column is checked for the Section Layout you use for compiling, or assign a different Section Layout to your current Chapters.

Indeed, the default Section Layout assigned to the “Chapter” type simply exports a \chapter{title} command followed by a label. Click the Assign Section Layouts button in the compile overview screen, and select a more suitable Layout (probably “Chapter w/ Text”).