Non-template author information placeholders

SfW supports template placeholders for all author information in Options. However, the non-template placeholders are limited, mostly to name information. I’d love to have placeholders for address information etc. Why? It’s happened to me that I recompiled a project after I moved house, or changed my phone no, and ended up submitting an MS with my old info. I’d like to be able to keep my author information in Options up-to-date, and have the correct information be included whenever I recompile. That requires non-template placeholders for this information. (In fact, the author information I need placeholders the least for is my name, since that’s the one thing that rarely changes.)

That’s not a bad idea for those that would want to keep that information dynamic.

Well the main reason for those being available is so you can keep compile settings free of personal information. If you wanted to create a compile format that prints the author’s name in the page header, then you can use this placeholder to do so, and anyone using that format will see their own name when using it.

Oh, that makes complete sense. And I do use the short story compile settings with the surname in the header, so I should have realized. Forget my parenthetical; please pretend I was only wishing for non-template author placeholders

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