Non-unified bookmarking system?

I am really confused about bookmarks. In Scrivener iOS, IU see the “Bookmarks” list second from the top immediately when I open a project. And whenever I’m in a chapter, I can easily bookmark it by tapping an icon at the bottom of the screen.

Where is this beautifully simply functionality on the Mac side? The manual has an entry about the rather confusing, inelegant “Text Bookmark (Annotations)” feature. Uh, what? These get entered right in the text, and they’re not even accessible if you leave the chapter. Nothing like bookmarks on the iOS, and nowhere near (in fact, hardly any) the functionality of the iOS side.

Should I surmise that these two different bookmarking systems that don’t sync back and forth between devices?

Bookmarks are “Favorites” in the current version of Scrivener for macOS (available via the Documents menu). These aren’t quite as useful on macOS as on iOS, as they more determine which documents will appear at the top of menus such as “Go To”.

The reason for this disparity is that this is all changing in Scrivener 3.0. Favorites, References and Project Notes are all merging into a unified Bookmarks system. At that point, this will all make much more sense, because the bookmarks list you have available in iOS will be available in the inspector on macOS/Windows and in a sidebar in Quick Reference panels.

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Yay! What’s the target release date?

Hopefully some time this side of the heat death of the universe. Beyond that, there’s no way I’m ever estimating a release date again!