Nonfiction templates for eBooks

I am trying to write a nonfiction eBook. The only Scrivener templates for nonfiction seem to only work for manuscripts. They break badly when you compile for an eBook. Does anyone know of a good template for nonfiction that works for both PDF and eBook compilation?

By nonfiction I am assuming numbered sections like the Scrivener manual (written in LaTeX) with no paragraph indent and extra space after paragraphs. A two level or more level TIC would also be nice for the eBook.

Is anyone successfully using Scrivener this way? If so, do you have any suggestions?

/Dave Snow

I don’t know how successful I have been, but I have been using Scrivener to produce a non-fiction e-book, with only text.

I don’t think the template really matters because most (all?) of the formatting is done during the final compilation stage. I use the Custom option in Compile. Under Formatting I choose what levels of the Binder structure to include as Title or Text (or both) and under Layout there are options about Table of contents.

It took some experimenting to get everything the way I wanted it, but it’s fairly easy and self-explanatory.

I made good progress with this today and have a workable template now. However doing this raised some more questions:
1) How do I get to the ENDNOTE tag to work? I placed a page before my Back Matter called End Notes and placed the magic HTML-like ENDNOTE tag there. However my End Notes still show up hater the Back Matter.
2) How do I get Scrivener not to put page numbers in my Front Matter?
3) On my PDF output I want my JPG Book cover as the title page. First I placed the JOG image in the Front Matter Directory for PDF and that didn’t work. Next I included it as an image in the title page. That worked EXCEOT that Scrivener is forcing a blank page before the title page. Any suggestions?
4) How can I adjust the amount of blank space above the chapter title? It is too big form my liking.
5) How can I adjust the space between text document to be smaller. I make sure that my text entries don’t have any extra returns and that the separators are set as return. What else is there to tweak?

/Dave Snow

Hi everyone, can I get some templates to make a book cover?

Ebook covers that you publish on Amazon or iBookstore are created when you send the file to the ebook server, sent along as a jpg. Kindle Direct Publishing has temp,ates for creating covers if you publish via Amazon.