Noob user exporting from my MacBook to my iPhone app

Hello Everyone,

I have content on my MacBook that I want to transfer like for like to the Scrivener App I just downloaded to my phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Don’t transfer anything.
Read the tutorial in iOS Scrivener, and follow the instructions.

Is the content on your Mac itself a Scrivener project or is it something else? (Like Word docs or something.)

Since you describe yourself as a new user, I was not sure if we should be assuming you are a desktop Scrivener for Mac user or just a iOS app user.*


  • BTW, your profile indicates you are a desktop Scrivener for Mac user but does not an iOS Scrivener.

I have some old projects on my Mac in my Scrivener app. I’m trying to get better access to them when out and about so I downloaded the new mobile Scrivener App for my iPhone. I like the idea of syncing back and forth, to me that means no more copy–>paste and confusing frankenversions of my work, maybe you can tell me if that is pie in the sky. I have downloaded Dropbox and created a Scrivener file there. I also have a Scrivener file on my Macbook.

I looked through the tutorial for the mobile app on the topic of syncing and what it described in there is not happening for me. When I click on the Sync button in my Macbook Scrivener I get a message saying “No Mobile Changes Found”. The wording of that message has me thinking that the syncing it’s trying for is from my phone to my Macbook and I want it the other way around. And I haven’t found a sync button on my iPhone Scrivener app.

Is this just a case of an initial copy paste?


It’s perfectly possible to sync your projects between your Mac and your iPhone. It’s very easy, and step by step instructions on how to set it up and maintain are found here: … g-with-ios

There is absolutely no need for copy and paste of any kind.

To begin with, you must update your Mac Scrivener to the latest version.

If you have Dropbox on your Mac, create a folder for your Scrivener projects in the Dropbox folder, using Finder. Then drag your Scrivener project into that folder. All the time only using Finder.

Then OPEN the project in Mac Scrivener, make a small change, and close the project. Wait for the Dropbox app to sync the project to the Dropbox server (you can check the status by clicking on the Dropbox icon in the menu bar).

On your iPhone Scrivener, in Project view, tap on Edit and then on the gear wheel at the bottom, and choose to set up a sync folder of your own choice. The iPhone app will then read the Scrivener project. That’s it!

When you are done editing on the iPhone, remember to tap the sync button on the iPhone app, the circular arrows at the top when you are in Project view.

Thanks guys,

I’ll give it a shot when I get home tonight. I really appreciate the suggestions.

Can’t wait to start writing again.


Yay! It worked!

Thanks for all of your help!


A second look…while to worked I see some interesting things. And I’m wondering if how I am structuring my files in Scrivener is having anything to do with it.

In the imported files in my phone,

The order has been largely inverted
Standard Scrivener files have been randomly inserted here and there
Two of three file references have been removed
Two of seven documents have been duplicated

If anyone knows what might be happening I would really appreciate the help.


Sounds strange. The iPhone Scriv only reads the same Scriv project that your Mac Scriv reads and saves to. It’s not really a question of import, so to speak. No more than your Mac Scriv imports the project when you Open it.

A thought… You didn’t by any chance try to access your project by using “Open in…” from the Dropbox app or something like that? You did go through the tutorial and just opened the project from within the Scrivener app, as described in the tutorial?

I followed the directions exactly, I think it’s my big boy Scrivener formatting that may be fuelling some of it. I got the Scrivener Dummies book coming from Amazon next week. I play around in the program but I have by no means even a basic knowledge of how it works.

Thank you for all of your help.


If you have simply dragged your proj into a Drpbox folder on you desktop machine and let it sync, then gone into ios scriv and synced to that dbx folder…then in ios scriv opened the project. If that is right, the effects you describe seem kind of impossible. iOS scriv does not do anything to your project when you open - it just shows it to you, so there seems not much of a chance that it inserted new files, duplicated files, and reordered things.

So, there is something else going on here that is leading to the seeming effects you describe.

What does the project look like on your desktop Scriv? Is everything in its correct order and no dups, or are you seeing unexpected stuff there to?