Noobie question on Footnotes

I’ve search the forum, but didn’t find the answer. What is the best way to bring citation/refrence from Bookends/Endotes into Scrivener? I tried copy-format a reference from BE and pasting it in the Footnote bubble. However, the reference can not be contained in the Footnote bubble. I tried copy-citations and paste it and it seems to work except after exporting, I get {} around the citations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I only use Endnote. Just tried a Copy Formatted (Cmd-K) of a citation, placed it inside a Footnote bubble, and the text is all there. Did not try an export.

Thanks. Yes, I did try copy-formatting, but it doesn’t stay in the bubble. When I do it with texts, not copy-formatting a reference, it works. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here.

I placed the cursor at an insert point, pasted the clipboard text, then selected that text, and hit Cmd-Shift-F. At which point, a gray bubble surrounded the citation.

Thank you. This worked. I wish it didn’t have to take so many steps though.

I get a lot of posts about Sente, Bookends and so on. I would love to offer easier better integration, but unfortunately I do not use any of those programs, and fear that just firing them up and poking around with them for the purpose of integration would not show me the best way forward.

I would love it if a user could post:

  1. Basic overview of how one of these apps is used, along an with easy, step-by-step demo of using it with another program (such as Scrivener) - a simple walkthrough, for instance.

  2. A general idea of how Scrivener might provide better integration.

I really can’t do much about it without knowing more, I am afraid.

Thanks and all the best,

Dear Gojira54,

The answer to your issue is to use Paste-and-Match-Style, rather than Paste.

If you do that, you can without any fuss insert your Copy or Copy-Formatted citation from Endnote into the body of a Scrivener footnote that you already have started–which I think is what you were wanting.


P.S. You lose some of the power of Endnote by using copy-formatted citations instead of Endnote’s temporary citations. If you will be post-processing your Scrivener projects in Word (i.e. or other program in which Endnote will directly format your citations and bibliography), you are better off using Endnote’s temporary citations.

Thanks, GR. This is exactly what I was looking to do. Excellent.

I am currently using Bookends and I am using copy-formatted citations and bring them into Scrivener.

I have used Endnote in the past but never tried temporary citations. Maybe I will look at it again. Thanks much.