Normal Style

So, you’re in a bulletted list. You hit enter and you go to the next line. But, you want to get back to “normal” type.

What do you do?

Directly switching to the default “body” style isn’t enough (the bullet is still there … and therefore, can’t be sure about any other style settings).

OR – I copy paste an internet quote into scrivener and the crazy html formatting/font/style is maintained … but I don’t want that. I want to continue using the existing fonts, margins, etc. How do I “remove” all style settings or level-set to something like “body”.


Hi Luther:

If you hit enter again you get back to body text and can go from there. If you’re several levels deep in the bulleted list, Enter takes you back a level, so if you’re two levels deep Enter three times should get you to “normal”

When you’re ready to paste use paste and match style: CMD-OPT-Shift-V – yeah painful, I know. :smiley:. Am alternative is to go to System->Preferences-Keyboard shortcuts and change the key sequence for Paste and Match Style to CMD-V.

Hope that helps.


I tried this but could not get it to work. I’m on Windows and if I go more than one deep in a bulleted list I cannot get out of bullet mode. Any help is appreciated.


You’ve posted in the Mac forums. Try reposting in the Windows forums, you’ll get better advice there.

Mr X