Norway goat cheese fire closes tunnel

From the BBC news website:

Not a lot you can say, really!


There is if wifey has giamungous chunks of the foul, evil smelling ‘thing’ in the fridge!!! yewwerrkkk!!! pewkk!!!

So after they put the fire out will they have a rat problem in that tunnel for years to come?

Not to speak about cholesterol!

Those Norwegians really know how to burn off the calories.

See what I did there? I’ll get my coat…

Oh! Veeeery funny. Do you think it’s funny to all those Norwegian goats who won’t have any cheese this winter? Think of the kids!

especially those called billy and their nannies :blush:


This is


…and what about those acting the goat?

We’re just kidding…

Hey, as long as you don’t THROW the goat…


that billy goat looks a bit gruff

Enough! You’ve been milking a bad pun and now you’re just making udder fools of yourselves. I mean, seriously, is this as gouda as you can do? I was hoping you could do cheddar. To give you some credit, I guess it’s interesting in its own whey, but it’s still immature and it makes my toes curd. Some of us would rather roam the green, ungulating, hills of Norway than kid around here.

:laughing: :laughing:
Bit cheesy that, :unamused: Mr Nom :slight_smile: but stilton topic I suppose.

This new cheese is flame broiled to your perfection. As it melts it leaves rivers of gold creating a truly edible yellow brick road.

But if you have to dig roquefort it, you’re back to where the problem started. :confused:

I expected some comments about Welsh rabbits, but the goats seem to have eaten the cheese on toast! Well, here is a suitable wine to go with it:


Cheers, Martin.

or taken the biscuit ( :blush: OK,Ok cracker[size=85]&[/size]cheese).