Norwegian spelling and grammar

Hello. I just wonder if a Norwegian spelling and grammar option will be available on the new version(2.1)? I know there is both Danish and Swedish, but I cant find a norwegian option.



Scrivener just uses the standard OS X text system, which means it relies on the spelling dictionaries that OS X provides. However, there is a way to install a Norwegian spelling dictionary, which I explain here: … dictionary

Hope that helps!

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Blaa, please tell if you find anything that can do grammar check (OO, as well as any other dedicated software out there, can only do spell check). The only option seems to be Microsoft Word…

I have followed the instructions to install Norwegian dictionary from OpenOffice, and was hoping that meant I would get rid of the maddening automatic capitalisation of the “i” when writing in Norwegian in Scrivener. But no such luck! I’ve searched in all the usual and unusual places in order to get rid of this feature - please advise how I can turn it off…

Scrivener > Preferences > Auto-Correction > Capitalize ‘i’.

Thank you! That was clearly the one place I hadn’t looked… :blush:

Glad it helped. :slight_smile: