Not a new, but new, so what am I?

I have used scriv for my little habit of making a mess of the language for some time with very little need of real structure or … sanity. My personal pleasure has been done by … Changing topics rapidly, I have my own method of making work stuff work (which is odd since I avoid work as much as possible so that is like a triple oxymoron) none of which remotely confirms to “the plan” that any sane person has ever had for how to use scriv for … ehm … real work (for those counting that is the fourth time I have used that bad word). Which brings me to today.

I now have to actually produce APA, MPL, NBA, PDQ, BBC, XYZ formatted documents for this edumacation thing that I am being forced into by work (5). I tried to search, but lets face it, I avoid work (6) and I figure that there has to be someone out there smarter than me (everyone except MAYBE vic-k) who already has a work-flow (I’m counting that as 7) for the edumacation initiate who has been using scriv for … satisfaction.

Unlike one Mr K, I hold out hope that there is a “scrivener for the idiots who have no business making utterances other than ‘ugh’” but need help in locating said resource. Consider it work (8) avoidance. Consider it “ugh ugh ugh?”

And if your name happens to be Ioa consider it another opportunity once again crush my soul by reminding me that Jennifer is not a known scrivener user.

Just because I am me an I have no issues taking my one post of topic before anyone can reply, I think i would just about lose what little mind I have left if there was a confirmed proof the one Mdm Anniston was a card caring member of the crew. I would have serious issues of seeing her in persona for Horrible Bosses working on a screen play, memoirs or some other random task in full screen mode. Then she would start spouting UI improvement options and storage optimizations… We would suddenly discover some her frequent participation in a “three word thread” and life would be peached and cream. But no. It is not to be.



In a spirit of trying to be helpful. For the first of your formatted documents styles that you say you are required to write in … like me you’ve been here too long and using Scrivener in your own way and doing your own thing, so you probably never — What never? Well hardly ever … er … — think to look into the templates provided for new projects.

So, providing you’ve installed 2.02 on your new MBP running Clarence, in the non-fiction area of the templates options, you’ll find an APA paper template, and also a Chicago and an MLA template. They might help.

As for expletive-deleted-flow, I don’t think I can help much, as I have discovered that, all my life, I have unwittingly lived by a number of Steve Jobs’ principles, one of them being “Don’t live by anyone else’s dogma” … so in terms of your edumacational institution, I am “undogmatised”, in other words “unprincipled” in the way I deleted-expletive (2).



Since we’re on the topic, it seems appropriate to observe that, since Jaysen’s return, the level of forum discourse has risen dramatically.

(He may simply have intimidated a few of the more inane and lazy among us; whatever the reason, Jaysen, I salute you. May your edumacation pass painlessly.)


I hope you mean quantity and not quality. I would hate to think that I am the only one here that remains as stupid as the day he was born (please note the use of the masculine no feminine (or feline-ien) entity would have said condition).

And you’re welcome. I think. Have you noticed the lack of snow? God must be mad at us and planning some serious revenge in Feb.

I was thinking about how to reply to this post, since I have just completed an entire thesis in APA style, but then decided that was too much work and I’ll post in my usual style. Without thought.

The first question is, what do you actually want Scrivener to do? Speaking specifically about APA (I assume the others are similar) most of the style requirements are about grammar (there’s an entire section in the APA publication manual titled “Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers and Use of Adverbs”), spelling, punctuation, hyphenation, etc; then a whole lot more (over 50 pages!) on citations and references. As good as Scrivener is, it doesn’t (yet?) address those. Most of the rest (e.g. sections and headings) will depend on on content and purpose, leaving only a few things that Scrivener can actually automate for you (line spacing, typeface, um… maybe something else?).

On that happy note, since I also teach APA style, I’m happy to answer any questions if that is the unfortunate style you need to use.

You’ve completed your thesis? Congratulations!

Herr Schweinkotflügel.
Don’t get yourself over excited. Scottie may have finished his thesis, but word on the street is, no one can make head nor tail of it. :frowning:

You have just made me rethink several things. One of which is taking my next breath.

Well I made that decision. Considering that you have to “teach” a style I may be inclined to look the person square in the eye and suggest that for the initiate (me) compromise will be required.

I am going to actually this particular professor and ask how literal they want to interpret APA. You are likely to hear from me soon. Bring ear plugs.

And I apologized for the rudeness.

Congratulations. By finished do you mean completely defended?

Hmm, you’ve been speaking to my supervisors then. :neutral_face:

It’s unlikely you would say anything about APA Style my students haven’t said (and they haven’t yet come close to some of the adjectives I’ve thrown at at it). However, be glad it is 6th Edition and not 5th. The current manual is half the size, simpler, easier and (mostly) common sense (but don’t get me started on double space after full-stop: Psychology is meant to be evidence based, not “some reviewers think”. At least they’ve downgraded that [insert creative adjective-and-noun here] to a suggestion rather than a rule). But I digress…

Happy to wear ear plugs and nod appreciatively with appropriate expressions of concern. :slight_smile:

One last observation: The best part about APA Style (and so few of my students realise this) is that because it is rule based, you look up the manual and apply the rule. If your professor/tutor/instructor says it’s wrong, point them to the page reference. It’s just natural language coding with the added benefit it can (theoretically at least) improve your writing. Ignore my examples to the contrary.

No. Process for my doctorate (DPsych) is a little different than PhD, and our system in Australia is different than in the US. I had thought I had finished the entire thesis and was ready to submit it for external examination. I learnt today that my primary supervisor thinks otherwise and “suggested” yet more changes.

When I told my other supervisor last week that I was done, he said I would now understand the “true meaning of submission”. This isn’t what I thought he meant… :frowning:

I will submit.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Bet you thought he was referring to Belinda Balloons, Dominatrix to Academia…eh? :smiling_imp: Typical student! tch!tch!tch!


A phone cal that well exceeded the intended 15 minutes with the prof has yielded the following

I quite enjoy, not only the willingness of this particular professor to call me names in fun, but her ability to set my mind at easy. I have been assured that I am indeed in over my head.

Slightly less flippant, she is only looking for citation and reference APA adherence. I may bother you for assistance in the best way to do this in scriv. Although we (the prof and me) have agreed that my submissions will be less practical research and more observational association and personal interview. I’m not really sure how we landed there, but through our lengthy discussion it was commented that in my questions regarding expectations I was drawing more examples from my surrounding world (relative to the chapters I have already read) than would have been expected from actual research or summation submission.

Kind of freaks me out actually. It seems that I may be good at this?

No, not exactly. Not sure that she scares me any less though. :open_mouth:

Ahh, you’ve got a helpful one. Hold on to her!

Oh god, she’s sane too! Definitely hold on to her, people like her are rare in academia.

Attaboy! I promise not to tell vic-k… :wink:

Already married with kids. Happily. Sorry.

You or the Prof? :confused:

Eww, I didn’t mean that. Gross! :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant a sane, sensible, helpful academic is a most rare and wonderful beast (I suspect it’s more likely early in their career). I found one during my foundations studies and held on tight - she became my supervisor in Honours and for my doctorate. Best decision.

umm both. to different people.