Not a valid order

I’m trying to set up my brand new laptop and having all kinds of trouble with Scrivener. Can I transfer Scrivener directly (with external hd) to the new pc?
I have my receipt from Amazon for Scrivener from 4/26/13 but there’s no serial number on it. It has the order number and an activation/registration code. I’m sure the activation code was what I was told to use at the time of purchase, but now that code doesn’t work, neither will the order number. It throws the message: "Sorry, something went wrong. Please check the Registration Code you entered, and click “Try Again.” Again, same message.
I did c&p.
So I copied the order number and went to eSellerate, pasted the order number and typed my email, clicked submit. I get a message: “Not a valid order.” Then, when I typed my email to request an order history, it emailed the info I need (but have not asked for yet) for Scapple. Only, but still not for Scrivener.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Instructions on serial number retrieval here: … et-it-back

If that doesn’t work, please email us using the link provided on that page. We can’t address serial number issues through the forum.


I did send an email through the LL contact link, and got an auto acknowledgement email, before seeing your response. I followed the link you gave in my post reply but didn’t see any way to email you there. If there’s another link I should use, please provide. Thanks.

The LL contact link will get you to the right place.