Not able to compile after making changes to MS

I’ve made revisions but when I compile to Kindle format, the program resorts back to the old MS and compiles, despite changes showing within the program. I really need the changes in the compile. This is very frustrating.

Do you mean that edits you make in the documents in Scrivener aren’t showing up in the compiled version? Two things to check with this: First, ensure that you’re making the edits in documents that are actually set to compile. That sounds weird, I know, but if you have two copies of the same file in your project, e.g. your Draft 1 version and your Draft 2, you might’ve accidentally made the edits in the wrong version, so they’re not compiling. It’s been done before. :wink:

Second, make sure that whatever device you’re using to view the compiled file is really showing you the new version. I’ve seen it happen a lot that people are compiling new copies like mad and the ereader software is just showing the same cached version instead of the new work. Ensure everything is deleted from its library and maybe try giving your new compiled version a new name or viewing it in a different program–the new compile might be just fine.