Not able to use Dropbox Files during trial?

Good day.
I’ve download the trial on both my desktop and laptop. Of course I have DropBox on both.

I working my way around, learning Scrivener and have a recent sync and then I go to install Scrivener on my laptop. No problems.

However, when I open scrivener project in the laptops dropbox they are grayed out whereas I cannot access. Is this because it’s a trial software? Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for looking?

Could you post the steps you are taking, and point out at which step things start to act different on the laptop?

Thank you Amber for taking the time.
So, first off, I have the trail ver loaded on both my Desktop and my Laptop.
I also have DropBox on both.

I’ve begun designing my outline on my desktop, my iMac.
On My Desktop when I finish my days’ work I:

File/Sync/With External Folder /users/xxxxxx/Dropbox (xxxxx is of course my name)
Options=All checked execpt Sync only documents in collection
Format is RTF (both times.)
Select OK
Quite Scrivener

On my MacBook Pro
Open Scrivener
Cancel for Project Templates
File/Open … Choose Dropbox from my “Places” Choose “Draft” as that is the name is seems be to giving from iMac into DropBox, see the files, i.e., Chapters, notes etc. but they are all grayed out as well as the open button.

I am assuming I can work on Scrivener from my MBP just as if I was working on my iMac as long, I have read, that the sync on my iMac is done and Scrivener is closed.

So, there is my roadblock. I’m sure it’s me but need a nudge here.
Awesome software by the way.

Off topic: How will I use my iPad for updating.
Thank you so much once again.

Okay, I’d say forget about all the sync folder stuff you are doing[size=85][1][/size]. That’s for something else entirely and it isn’t going to help you out here. All you need to do is close the Scrivener project you have open and then drag it to the Dropbox folder. Only things that are inside the Dropbox folder will be shared between computers, so if you want the .scriv file showing up on the second computer, you’ll need that whole thing copied in.

And please do read and follow the guidelines set forth in §13.6 (pg. 131) of the user manual, “Scrivener Everywhere”. There is a checklist of steps you should always take, to keep this method of working safe.

[size=85][1] Although, if you do want to use your iPad to edit item text from your project, you will want this feature, or the Simplenote one. Check out §13.3 (pg. 126) for a summary of the two main methods for doing this—and you’ll find full documentation for these methods in ch. 13.[/size]

Ok, Amber, that does in fact work.

My only concern is that when I drag my .scriv file into the dropbox it removes it from my home folder.

So, is it common for users such as this to work off of the Dropbox files?
Thank you tons.

Yes, it’s fairly common practice. The main thing to realise with Dropbox is that it works using standard files and folders, so it is still on your computer—and it’s on the other computers too. If the Internet goes out, you won’t lose access. You do raise a good point, and that is that it’s good to have a copy that isn’t exposed to automation. Fortunately with your default Scrivener settings, you get that without even doing anything. Every time you close a project a backup gets created and stashed in your User folder. So even though you just have the one .scriv copy on Dropbox—you also have up to ten backups stored as well, five on each computer. If you want more, you can change that setting in the Backups tab of preferences.

This makes perfect sence Amber and thank you so much for your time.