Not about writing I know, but more acting.

How I spent the second half of my summer…

This is a promo we did at the September No Shame Eugene show:

This is after the performance. Sarina, the dancer, is the one that got me into this in the first place. We got a huge crowd and an astonishing amount of donations. New company and first performance ever.

Yeah, I know. Geordie? But hey, I showed up and didn’t flake out. I also performed the part of Captain DeSoto at the very beginning of the play.

Congrats! Kev mate, :smiley:
So, are we talking a ‘Broadway’ opening, sometime soon? :confused:

I love to see the DIY arts come alive in communities. Although the Star Trek theme is not my cup of tea (yes I am a Star Wars fan) I really do applaud people who go out and do this kind of stuff.

Hollywood it seems thinks that entertainment is nothing but a bad story rebooted 37 times glossed over by too much CGI and gore with some actor /actress that smiles to sell the movie.

That is why the big blockbusters are tanking.

Keep up the good work!

I don’t know about Broadway, but they had always planned to do more shows. Definitely one this time next year, and perhaps another around March, if a venue can be secured.

And thanks. Hard work, but worth it. I haven’t tried to memorize lines since high school.