Not All Cards Syncing From Collection (To IndexCard)

Hi I seem to be having a problem. I watched the video and successfully set up a sync from Scrivener to IndexCard for iPad however it only includes 2 cards from my collection of about 12 cards. This happens even after I press the create/Update button. What might be going on?

Are there any plans to make the sync process easier/streamlined with the new i0S 5?

Thank you for your response.

iOS 5 has no bearing on how compatible two completely different programs are - the sync is already as streamlined and easy as possible considering the differences between Index Card and Scrivener, and given how Index Card saves and loads files. (Index Card cannot save and load directly to and from Dropbox or an arbitrary folder, which is why export/import is necessary through the sync process and via the Dropbox app). For information on how iOS 5 might affect Index Card, or to ask questions about easier save/load in Index Card, you should direct questions to the Index Card developer, Dennis, who is always very helpful.

Regarding your problem, could you please give more details? Please could you post a screenshot of your collection and Index Card Sync panel settings? Also, have you made sure to open the file via Dropbox on the iPad again?