Not all files syncing

I started on iOS. I have an iPad pro, lastest version of Scrivener on the app store. Latest version of iOS. Novel written. I have purchased a MacBook Pro, purchased and installed Scrivener 3. I’m using Dropbox. I downloaded all my Scrivener projects, and began working on my latest project.

I went into my existing novel to check some facts for the sequels, and found a bunch of work missing. My last update done to my novel, which occurred before I bought the MacBook, that work is not there. I’m missing a bunch of chapters. Looks like the chapters that are there have the updates.

I went back to iOS, everything is there. I have tried syncing back and forth, nothing works. I have gone through all the help, the various spots where it tells me how to troubleshoot sync problems. None of them are helpful. I can’t tell what’s actually in Dropbox, of course, because the file names don’t correspond to those in Scrivener. So, anyone have idea how figure out what the hell is going on? I jus went from loving this product to feeling like I can’t trust it. I understand the issues with making share all changes are saved and synced in one platform before opening the projects on another. But this was work that had been saved and synced for a while.

So, a number of files have the grey cloud icon, which means they didn’t download, and are only available in the cloud. But I’ve asked for all the files to download. Not sure how I force them.

Is the Dropbox application installed on the Mac?

Have you disabled “smart” sync? I forget what Dropbox calls it, but this is an option to save disk space by only downloading files when they’re actually needed. That option is pretty much guaranteed to cause this kind of problem.

If Dropbox is failing to download files to the Mac, you have a Dropbox problem, not a Scrivener problem.


Yes, the dropbox file is installed on the mac, or I would haven’t any of them. I have disabled smart sync. It was on before. I have set the default to local. I have deselected and then reselected the scrivener project folder in it, it still doesn’t come down. I have reopened scrivener, assuming it would resync, but it didn’t.

Dropbox is now telling me that all files have synced. It is correct on my iPad. But I still don’t see the missing chapters on the MacBook. Suggestions?

I made a copy of the project on my iPad, and I uploaded that to Dropbox, and downloaded to the MacBook. Still missing files, and I have also noticed that the drafts folder has disappeared, and all my chapters are now in the binder root. Still fine on the iPad.

Ah, lord. Got it all to go. Short story, don’t use smart sync.