Not all files written to disk


I am trying to add image files at the start of each chapter, but everytime I attempt to compile, I receive this error:

“Not all files successfully created title information so not all files were written to disk.”

Can you please advise?


I’ve never heard of anything like that before.

  • What format are the images saved in.
  • Are there any colour mode or DPI variances?
  • Have you narrowed the problem down, by testing images one-by-one until it fails?

Thanks for the response. The format is Jpg and are B/W. I have tried to test one by one and it still fails…


Okay, greyscale JPEG images should be fine in themselves. How are you inserting the image at the beginning of the chapter? Is it in the text editor, or are you using an image placeholder code to insert it with the compiler? Do a random sampling of compile formats fail, or is there a pattern to which formats fail?

I’m also assuming that if you remove the image, everything compiles fine? It might help to provide a copy of the JPEG so I can test with it.