Not all Folders compiling as Chapters

I recently compiled my manuscript and found that not all Chapters (level 1 folders) came out as Chapters. Instead of a page break and “Chapter x” it showed the scene separator # and then the text.

I cannot work out why. All the Chapters are Folders that all appear aligned as Level 1 in my interface. I have 56 chapters and do not want to go through and rebukld each one.

Is this a bug? I’ve tried restarting and doing it again and I still get random chapters not being ide tidied as Chapters. :cry:

I’ve managed to correct the issue manually, but I am still puzzled as to why this ‘bug’ happened and frustrated at the time it’s taken me to fix

I worked out which 3 chapters were not compiling as Chapters, I selected the Folder, went to Document > Convert to text. Then I reversed it by clicking Document > Convert to folder. When I compiled they were Chapters again.

You can see in the Compile settings how the system perceives your different documents. In the list to the right the Section type is listed for each document. I assume you used the standard setting, Structure based? (visible if you click the down arrow next to the section for each type.
You can decide how this should be done in Project settings before starting the Compile process.
Project -> Project settings - Section types
You can then decide if you want to do it manually (Section types, above the list to the right) or Default types by structure.

lunk -

I can’t find where any part of what you posted applies to the Windows version. Is that all supposed to be in the Compile window?

“Project -> Project settings - Section types” - This isn’t a menu choice in the Windows version.

Sorty, I misread and thought you were usung the new version, which is in public beta for Windows.