Not all of the text in a section ends up in the Print PDF when compiling

Hello all -

I’m new to Scrivener as of this morning. I’m loving it so far but have run into a problem I haven’t been able to figure out over the last couple of hours. I don’t think there is a problem with the program - everything else works just too well to jump to that conclusion. I think I am not doing something correctly when it comes to printing out my text.

When compiling a document and printing to the Microsoft Print to PDF as my “printer”, the last few lines of text in the last section do not end up in the pdf file; that text is cut off and lost.

Has anyone ever heard of or experienced this before? Any ideas on how I can fix myself with respect to this problem?

Salut mcperreault, bienvenue sur le forum :slight_smile:

Compile to print is problematic. This being one of its known issues.
You should compile directly to PDF. Same result as compiling for print, then having print to PDF do it for you. …But without this issue. :wink:


Merci bien Vincent!

That took care of the problem completely. :smiley:

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