Not Compatible

I downloaded the free trial yesterday because I wanted to test the program before investing the money. I have not been able to get past the authorize screen on the installer. Today, I checked to see if the program is compatible with my computer. The troubleshooter said this version of Scrivener was last compatible with Windows 7, and will not work with Windows 10/this version of Windows 10.

What am I supposed to do? I was hopeful about this program, but I cannot install the product to see if I like it and it will be useful for me.

Absolutely not true. I use it on Win 10. Never had a problem.
Try installing it as administrator. Turn off your antivirus during the installation.

Thank you. Both of those did not work for me. I am unsure of what to do. I have tried to delete and redownload the installer, but that has not worked either.

I’m not sure which “authorize screen” you’re talking about - I don’t recall ever seeing such a thing,

Maybe you could post a screenshot of that? Might help someone to diagnose what’s going wrong for you.

(it definitely does work on Windows 10, though)

Here is the screenshot. If I test the program with applied settings to get it to work, this is what I am met with.

My problem: Once I authorize the installer to install the product, nothing happens.

Did you accidentally download the Mac version?

Nope. I download the Windows version every time.

Try installing it as Administrator. Turn off your antivirus beforehand.