Not compiling all texts

I’m a newbie with Scrivener, I have a bunch of texts that I’ve been organizing on the corkboard. These are basically snippets of an existing book-in-progess that I’m trying to rearrange for a chapter so it makes more sense. They all have the same icon at the upper left–a kind of index card, I think–except for one, which is a kind of sheet of paper icon. If I go to compile or to another view, I only see the content of that one text with the sheet of paper icon. See attached. Any way to convert the other texts so they behave in the same way as the one?



The index card indicates that the text is located in the Synopsis for the file, while the sheet of paper indicates that it is in the body text. You may find the Documents -> Autofill -> Append Synopsis to Main Text command useful.


That worked – thanks much!