*Not* compiling figure and table codes

Hello. I have a workflow problem. I am using Grammarly and I need to cut and paste a complicated document with many nested items back and forth to Word. The biggest annoyance happens when the text references a figure, like #fig(myFigure) and I need to deal with all those items individually or risk losing them.

I thought of pasting the raw text into Word instead of compiling it, but the section titles don’t work that way and the formatting is all off. The WYSIWYG is nicer in Word and it helps to see how it lays out. Scrivener just isn’t the same.

The biggest concern is losing edits if I forget to return them to Scrivener, or I paste them with figure numbers instead of codes, but I don’t think there’s much if a way around that right now.

My immediate question is how to handle the figure and table codes but workflow suggestions would be very welcome. Scrivener is great but it cannot accommodate all my publisher’s requests easily–maybe with markup, but I don’t have the time to fiddle with that. I need macros for that.

Thank You.