Not enough text items

When backing up, I receive this notification below the percentage display for the backup.

I have Scrivener set to “Backup on exit”

Should I be concerned?

I think something failed to attach to your message, what is the text of the warning you are receiving?

Hi --the subject is the message ‘not enough text items’ -it appears on the ‘screen’ of one of my documents – and I cannot write into this file/text part of the document. Manual does not help - Windows XP is the OS


It sounds like you’re displaying a selection of non-text items like images or PDF files in Scrivenings mode. Scrivenings only works for text documents, so if there are no text items in the selection, you get that message in the editor. Try selecting View > Corkboard to show the selection in corkboard mode, or make a different multiple selection in the binder that is just of text documents to load them together in Scrivenings mode.

You can read more about Scrivenings mode in §6.4 and, in more details, §15.8 of the manual.