Not erasable line break  ?

I noticed that in Scrivener 3, when two or more documents are selected, the first line break of each document were not erasable. In Scrivener 2, only the last line break of each document were not erasable. Now, when compiling, we have automatically two lines break between each document. Is it normal or can we have a better control over that ?
Thank you for your excellent work !

I can’t reproduce this problem. If I put my cursor in an empty line at the top of a Scrivenings chunk and hit the forward-delete key, the carriage return after the cursor is removed. I naturally cannot delete to the left with the normal delete key, because to the left of the cursor is a protected divider line—but that’s no different than Scrivener 2.

I show you here what I mean…

In Scrivener 3 :Two invisibles marks which cannot be erased. (The protected divider line and an another. Two dividers lines ?.)
Scrivener 3.png

In Scrivener 2 : One invisible mark which cannot be erased. (Only the protected divider line.)

Is it a bug?

That shouldn’t have any bearing on how the document compiles to be clear—it is nothing to worry about if that is your main concern. These are merely decorative separators inserted between files to help you find where one stops and the next begins. In this case, you’re looking at the divider style being used, and what spacing is inserted and protected in order to present that divider. In Scrivener 2 the default divider had a second carriage return as well:

[size=80]Default dividers in Scrivener 2[/size]

Your screenshot of Scrivener 2 depicts an optional behaviour to insert no visual space between sections. You can do the same in v3, in the Appearance: Scrivenings: Options preference pane, by selecting the “Corners” option for the Scrivenings Separator.

Again it’s nothing to really worry about in terms of final results, if that is your main concern.

Thank you a lot and sorry for disturbing you for so little ! I should have looked harder !