not exactly a bug, but it's annoying like one OneDrive issue

I must reboot before using my file on another computer. It used to be just wait until the cloud icon came back before I can open my working file. Recently though I’ve had to reboot in order to free up the file no matter what. I’m on windows 10, and looked for the optimize for windows drive option under the compatibility tab but couldn’t find it. Did one drive update under my nose or what?

If I understand correctly, you are storing/sharing your live Scrivener project(s) between computers via OneDrive.

See the articles under Cloud Syncing on the knowledgebase page
Use of most any cloud service anything other than DropBox is problematic and recommended against.
The one exception to that is if saving/backing up to other cloud services in compressed (.zip) form, though in that case, projects must first be decompressed (unzipped) on the other computer before being editable in Scrivener.

The underlying issue is that a Scrivener project is not a single file. Rather, it is a database, implemented as a file system folder, containing subordinate subfolders and many files, many of which are open and being updated simultaneously. Most cloud services other than DropBox aren’t robust enough to handle such complex demanding syncing reliably. The compression/zip scenario discussed above gets around this, due to the result being the entire project compressed into a single static physical file while it is on the cloud service. As mentioned before, such compressed/zipped versions of Scrivener projects must be decompressed back into file system folder form before they can be worked on again.

Hope that is of some assistance. If not, you may want to directly contact technical support via email, as discussed here

hmm, yeah, come to think of it dropbox did seem to be better than one drive for scrivener. I put up with it because I also use word and stuff, since my publisher prefers word. I also use word on my android tablet when I decide to go mobile since that is the only one who does the curly quotes that I know of. I could swap to drop box once my subscrition expires but I would lose a lot of MS benifits in doing so. Guess I’ll have to take it up with onedrive.

I have sometimes had to go into retieval mode, search for the orginal file and the backup zip. I also make sure to save the backup folders on onedrive under different folders, just in case of corruption so I can just open the most recent backup and overwrite all the files. I once had to do this wen 3/4 of the book got blanked out. I was screaming but I learned my lesson. :stuck_out_tongue:


You don’t have to choose between them. So long as you don’t try to put your Dropbox folder into your OneDrive folder, you’ll be fine. And since DB comes with 2 or 4 gigs of free space, you should be able to dedicate it to Scrivener projects for most of your active projects (unless you generate really big ones) at zero cost to you.

yeah I switched my working files over to dropbox. there’s only 100ish mbs that I work with, novel template, book ideas, reference books, old books that I wrote, ect. I can live with the 2.5 gb, long as I can quickly open my files without having to reboot the systems each time I want to swap computers. Now my backups are on my one drive, along with other stuff that I want to back up there while dropbox has my most recent work. Two different types of backups, I kind of like that. After all, the more places your backup is the safer the info is if your system fails :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of both worlds. Thanks, this little bug is more like a one drive issue that is avoidable

It’s also small enough to live on my solid state drive, so now scrivener loads even faster than before cause both the program and the files it needs are all there.