Not exporting Act & Scene numbers to Final Draft

I searched but I couldn’t see that this had been brought up before so apologies if it has. When exporting to Final Draft the act and scene numbers don’t seem to make the journey (unless I’m doing something wrong). If that could go on the list, I’d be grateful.


Could you please give more detail and describe exactly what you are doing, what you see in the editor, and what you are doing to export?You need to Compile (rather than export) to get auto-numbering tags converted to real numbers, for instance.

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Hi Keith,

I’m working in Stage Play UK Format. This is happening when I use Compile, compiling as a fdx file. I’m not doing anything different to what I used to in Scrivener 2, yet the act and scene numbers aren’t making the journey. What else do you need to know?

I’m also getting this same behaviour. If I create a new “Stage Play US Format” and generate, it goes to a Print dialog whereas the old one does not, (The new one does put in numbers; the old one does not.)

I’m not quite sure what you mean here, sorry. When you create a new Stage Play (US) format and go to Compile, it does indeed go to print by default, but you can change the format to FDX if you prefer. Is that what you mean, or is there a problem with the numbering in print or FDX?

The problem is that this doesn’t happen with projects created prior to Version 3. Compile doesn’t open a print option and the resulting PDF doesn’t resolve the act/scene numbers as it used to do (and as it does with projects created in Version 3).

I’m really not sure what you mean here. If you go to File> Compile, you get a full Compile panel, from which you can choose to print or export to FDX, PDF and other formats. And Compile resolves numbers just the same as v2. Could you be going to File > Print Current Document instead, perhaps? If not I’ll need more details - possibly screenshots.

I’m using compile and as mentioned can do the exact same thing with a new project created in v3 and get different behaviour from the one created in v2. I was under the impression the original poster was having a similar problem so thought it wasn’t just me.

The print vs file dialog was my bad…v3 script was set to Print whilst v2 was set to PDF. However, the result is the same: numbers are not resolved.

One difference I’ve noticed is that with the v3 script, the Compile window shows “Formats” on the left that includes “US Stage Play” under “Project Formats”. The v2 script shows no such option…the closest is “Script or Screenplay” at the bottom and selecting this gives the previously described behaviour. Selecting that same option for the v3 script will (sometimes?) reproduce that same behaviour.

I have no more time to spend on this. I’ll hardcode the numbers. Thanks.

Ah, okay, I think I understand the problem now. I thought you meant that things were working for projects created prior to v3 but not after, but it’s the other way around. There is in fact a minor bug here, then - you need to use “US Stage Play” format for it to work, but as it’s a project format included in newer projects, it isn’t getting added to projects updated from Scrivener 2. I’ll fix that for the next update, but in the meantime it’s easy for you to fix on your end:

  1. In a “Stage Play (US)” project that has been created in v3, go to Compile.

  2. Ctrl-click on “US Stage Play” under “Formats” and choose “Edit Format…”.

  3. At the top, where it says “Save To”, change the setting to “My Formats”.

  4. Click “Save”.

  5. Click “Cancel”.

The “US Stage Play” format will now be available to all projects on your computer under “My Formats” in the Compile area, so you’ll be able to choose it from your v2 project.

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Finally had a chance to try this and it worked like a charm. Thanks for persevering.

Thanks, Keith. That last update seems to have done the trick.

Great, thanks for confirming!