Not importing Word .docx files

Hello, I’m testing Mac’s Scrivener 2.2 that I downloaded today. Spent time with the tutorials and several online videos, however I am not able to import Word .docx files that contain the bulk of my work. All I get is a blue hyperlink icon that opens the .docx file on my Word application.

Word .doc files import fine in Scrivener.

No photos in any of the .docx files I need to import; what am I doing wrong. Thanks.

That’s an odd result. .docx files should be importing and converting to RTF for you, not coming in as an unrecognised file. What version is your OS X operating system?

One tip which might make this moot: it’s usually better to have Word do the RTF conversion. The converter that Scrivener uses is a bit on the cranky side. It has formatting bugs, and will drop features that might be important to you, like images and footnotes (though I see you say no images). Word’s RTF files look great, on the other hand, and will import just fine into Scrivener.

Thanks Amber, My operating system is: Tiger, Mac OS X 10.4.1, Power Mac G5 Quad. None of my files contain images or footnotes.

In the future, I’ll save word as RTF. However, problem remains for the multitude of files I have in .docx. I’ve uploaded a screen shot of how the .docx file appears in Scrivener. Is there anyway to import the files I already have in .docx ? Thanks again, John


I’m afraid that .docx import was only introduced in the Leopard OS X text system, so Scrivener running on Tiger cannot import .docx files as text - they will need to be converted to .doc or RTF first.

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