Not installing on windows 8.1

I’m trying to install scrivener on my new laptop with windows 8.1
I downloaded the installer and it runs and asks for approval to continue, which I grant, but nothing happens after that. It doesn’t show as running in the task manager.

I’m assuming this is “real” Windows 8.1 (Intel compatible), rather than Windows 8 RT which is not processor compatible with traditional Windows XP/Vista/7/8 apps…

Scrivener is used on lots of real Windows 8.1 (both 32 and 64 bit) computers, so 8.1 shouldn’t be an issue.

I guess first thing I would try would be to uninstall, re-download (to assure complete fresh copy), reinstall and see if that resolves it.

Beyond that… minimize, or better yet, close all other apps while doing the install, to maximize your ability to see any pop-ups, prompts, errors, etc. that occur during the install. I’ve had instances with some app installs where some prompt was present but hidden behind something else.

If you are in the new tile oriented interface (Metro/Modern), you might switch to traditional Desktop before doing the install. If you prefer to start and run in traditional desktop all the time, there may be a way to set this in current 8.1 or pending update… otherwise, there are free/affordable utilities that enable this. I use Stardock’s Start8 (about $5 I think).

It’s possible that you might have some antivirus or antimalware software that is blocking the install. If so, you may need to disable or exit that software for the install… and possibly tell such software to exempt/disregard Scrivener. BitDefender is one such. Think I saw mention the other day of some such type of software from Comcast that had issues like this.

Hope that is of some assistance. Post back as to how things go.

Thank you for your help.

Norton was at fault. It’s now axed from this laptop.

Hmm… I use Norton Internet Security on my Windows 8.1 computer with Scrivener, without problem.