not only for novels, screenplays or science ...

having used scrivener for roughly a week now, I just bought two copies (although I need only one for now) because i’m so impressed by its usefulness for me (and our company). having discovered scrivener as the would-be-novelist part of myself, I am using it for my main profession as a copy writer in advertising as well. Since I found nobody mentioning that, I thought you might want to know and say so in the scrivener description. It makes me work much more productive since I don’t need to constantly switch between apps (the clients briefing, the first draft from graphics …). Need that Corporate Wording Guideline? Boom! There it is. Every time I open scrivener instead of word it is like powering up my mac instead of a windows machine: I’m looking forward to it.

That being said, it also gave my novel project quite a boost for which I am even more thankful.

Thank you so much for writing “our” app and also please relay a big “Thank you!” to your family for all the hours they missed you because of scrivener.

greetings from munich


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Definitely agree with Jenk. I use Scrivener for both fiction and in running a professional copywriting and business communications firm. Tried CopyWrite for that, didn’t like it, way to structured and tedious for how I work. Thought Scrivener works for great for fiction, why not give it a go for copywriting. Never looked back.

Now if I could just find someone to sell that CopyWriter license to. Hmm…maybe Luhmann would buy it? That’s if Vic-k and Druid didn’t scare him away :confused:


… of course, young Master Keith, you do realise that, as you journey towards the end of your allotted three score years and ten, garnering the respect and admiration of your fellow travellers en route, you will also attract the attention of detractors( those of an envious, negative, and obtuse disposition). An old Cockney acquaintance of mine possessed the perfect riposte, when dealing with these irritants. Politely but firmly, whilst at the same time, affecting an air of indifference, he would urge said irritant to, “Farrrrrk ooorrrfff!” :wink:

Do take care

Vic and Droo are the Dionysian and Apollonian sides of the same entity. Scrivener suits us both fine. (Vic: Apple Dictionary is Shift-Cmd-Dee)


Shift-Cmd-D on farrrrrk ooorrrf, gets a bubble with WOT!:shock:

Why would I want to look it up, anyway? I already know what it means.

An astute observation there, young droo, apropos our psychological makeup.

A combination of beast and Sir Galahad; a juxtaposition of animal passion and an innate sense of common decency and humanity. Perhaps Apollysian and Diononian more aptly describes us? what say you young un?

And anyway, there is a possibility, that we share the same DNA, since you`ve got Lanky blood flowing through your veins, so tis no surprise we are both knee jerk defenders of the maligned; aspiring righters of wrongs; inveterate seekers of truth and enlightenment.

What time is it? Bloody ell its past Jameson time. :open_mouth:
Keep up the good work young fellah.

Take care

:mrgreen: Arrghhh! It hurts. My ribs…

…well… at times, the truth does hurt. That`s life, unfortunately.

Take care

Sir G

Unfortunately? Nay! Quite the reverse in fact. Where would we be without such sparkle and humour to liven an otherwise maudlin day? What care I if, on occasion, life borders on the ridiculous?


trying to keep a straight face can be excruciating aswell :laughing: