Not possible to move items in outline view?

Seem to remember you were able to rearrange and move items/cards in outline view, same is in the binder, e.g. using ctrl + cmd + arrow. This is seems not to be possibly anymore — is that correct?

Works for me.
(Windows user)

Huh. Restarted Scrivener and now it works again. Never mind.

Whether the items can be moved depends on what you have showing in the outliner. If you’ve loaded a container, so that the outliner is displaying the container’s subdocuments, they can be moved around. The same is true for a static collection. If the outliner is instead showing a search collection or a multiple selection (it will say so in the header bar)—e.g. you’ve Cmd-clicked on several different items in the binder to load them together in the outliner—then the items can’t be rearranged, since they’re being viewed out of context. You also can’t move the items if the outliner is currently sorted by one of the columns (click in the column header to toggle through ascending, descending, off).