Not possible to upload image for avatar?

I used to have an image here as my avatar. As I recall, I was able to upload it from my computer. It appears that now the image must reside online somewhere. It is not possible to upload images to the avatar tab of my profile?

Images reside online somewhere else, as you say. Not on the L&L forum.

Your current image is served from: … n/walt.gif

Thanks, Briar. Two things.

[1] If I clink on the link you provided I’m taken to my image. When I use that URL to update the avatar—I should’ve explained that while I have an avatar image online, none is displayed when I am on the site—the site tells me my profile has updated, then opens the control panel page with the avatar tab displayed with a blank URL field and no image. I have no idea what the problem is.

[2] Is it possible to upload a new avatar image? If so, where and how?