Not possible to work - getting errors regarding saving

For some days I was able to work in the new S3, but suddenly the errors shown in screenshots appeared
(“Åtkomst nekad” = “access denied”). They came like every 30 sec making it impossible to work…:frowning:
I have tried to start a new project, tried to save on local hdd - but still the same problem…
I see that my .Avast virus protection is starring in an odd way sometimes, but not every time, this error occurs in S3.
Any soloutions?
Thanks in advance! /Håkan

Most, if not all, occurrences of this have been traced to antivirus software getting in the way by thinking Scrivener is malware. The fix has always been to whitelist Scrivener.exe in your antivirus software.

I just want to - very late - confirm: The problem was the anti-virus software . My then used anti-virus software was not so easy to handle regarding this, so I changed to Bitdefender and the problems where solved.
Thanks for the advice!
Best regards, Håkan

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