not printable files

I’ve noticed that I can print some files, others not. PDF and text works well. But even with pictures I mostly get a blank page, just as with other files that are important to me (music notation of “Finale”). These files appear correctly on the screen, but what can I do to print them out without converting these files before?

I’m not sure what sort of files you are referring to when you say musical notation, but they might not have any representation that a printer can use—that’s kind of up to the system if it is an unsupported file type. Scrivener just holds a reference to the file for you, it isn’t doing anything with it.

With pictures, the size of the picture determines how large it will print out. If it is a small picture (and keep in mind what looks large on a computer screen can still print out quite small on high resolution printers) then yes most of the page will be white. You might need to edit it in a graphics program and adjust the DPI and resolution to force it to print out larger (at a likely much reduced level of quality).