Not receiving my license key from recovery or after contacting support

I’ve had this problem since April of last year, and each time I’ve sent emails to support, I get no response. In 2017, I bought scrivener 2. I no longer have my license info, but I do have the original email receipt and order number from back then. I’ve sent all this info to support and have never gotten an email back.

I’ve tried their key recovery page numerous times and have never gotten the info emailed to me. I know it’s not an issue with my email provider because I’ve received emails about registering on these forums just now and automated replied that my email has been received and that support will be in contact soon.

I’d really love to use Scrivener again. I hope I can finally get this issue resolved.

Sounds most unusual as L&L are very responsive.

Have you checked your SPAM/Junk folder?

Several times. Originally, their first automated email for my ticket was sent to my junk folder but I made sure it was marked as not junk, and so far, the emails from there have been sent to my main folder now. At this point, I don’t think it’s an issue with my email provider.

You don’t specify when you sent the email, but allow a day or two and of course, allow for any time zones. It’s the middle of the night there.

Please PM me the email address you used. I’ll look at the queue and see what’s up.

I would like to, but I see no way for me to PM you. There’s no message icons anywhere where I click your avatar or visit your profile.

Message sent. – Katherine

For future use, and for the benefit of others, FYI, if you click on a person’s avatar you should see as in the screen shot here and there is a “messages” button to press to send a personal message via the forum but not publicly available. If this not seen on your computer, then something wrong; however, I don’t know why or what to fix.

No such things is showing for me, even after trying on a different browser. It may have been a conflict with some browser add-ons but luckily kewms was able to message me privately. I’d show a screenshot from my end but it seems I’m not allowed to embed an image in a post. Nonetheless, I appreciate your help!

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I think that might be because you’re a new member. There’s a block on posting attachments for the first few posts, perhaps same for DM’s.

Speculation which I can’t test: you are not yet a “trusted” poster here (or whatever words they use) and private messages not enabled. Trust achieved automatically after a while based on some algorithm. How the forum works.

Type @ and discourse will offer user names (short names like kewms). Select the one you want or type the short name, in this case @kewms. The result is a clickable link where you can Message Katherine.

@drmajorbob that is a cool feature. Thanks for sharing!

It looks like @kewms said she messaged you. Were you able to get this issue resolved?