"Not responding" after reinstall

I have been using Scrivener on Windows 7 (64) with no problems for a long time. Today Scrivener wouldn’t open. I click to open it and nothing, not even a message.

So I uninstalled Scrivener, downloaded the latest version and reinstalled it. Restarted the machine and was able to open Scrivener’s initial window :slight_smile: but received the “Not responding” message when trying to open either a new blank document or an existing project. :confused:

Now it has reverted to the initial problem (do nothing, not even a message). :frowning:

Any suggestions?

I managed to get Scrivener going by uninstalling, restarting, deleting the Scrivener Program folder (which is not deleted when uninstalling) and reinstalling. (whew) :smiley: