"Not Responding" & "Slow Loading" issues


I am currently using/testing the Windows trial version of Scrivener with one of my actual writing projects. I am beginning to love this product, but I am facing a technical issue and I am unable to understand why. :frowning:

Given that I am working on an actual writing project, the number of files/content has increased. Now everytime I switch from one text file/folder to another, Windows shows a “Not Responding” message of the top bar. It then takes a couple of seconds to load the text/folder. When I click on the folder to see all the text files together, some of the content does not display immediately. Some of the text is broken and it takes a few seconds to load. This is kind of gets frustrating as I have to wait for the page to load every time I switch from one text to the other.

My Windows laptop is almost 3 years old. Hence, I am not sure if this “Not Responding” and slow loading is because my laptop is old or because of some technical issues with Scrivener.

I am looking to buy Scrivener, but buying a new laptop may not been possible at the moment.

Hence, please do advice what could be the possible reason this is happening and if there is a way I can sort this.

Thanks in advance.